USB Drives

HDDSuperTool is capable of sending ATA commands to USB attached ATA drives. However, what commands are supported and how the drive responds to the commands it entirely up to the USB/ATA bridge chip that is on the drive. For instance not all Western Digital USB drives are able perform the vendor specific commands needed to perform the slow fix or read modules. I am starting this list of drives reported to be successful or not. If you have additions to this list please email them to me.

It has been pointed out that it seems like WD's SED models appear to be SA locked, meaning the modules are not accessible. See the following link to a post that has more information about which drives are the SED models.

It is based on the USB Vendor and Product ID. In Linux you can list all USB devices with the command lsusb. From now on it would help if you perform this command to get the Vendor and Product ID and include that in any additions that you may have for this list. Note that this also means that it may very well be possible to have different results with two different hard drives of the exact same model.

Requested info for additions to the list:

Hard Drive Model Number (HDDSuperTool provides this), example: WDC WD2500BEAS-00URT0

Drive Family / Model (found on external drive enclosure), example: My Passport / WD2500XMS-00

USB Vendor and Product ID, example 1058:0702

And obviously whether or not it was successful


My Passport Ultra P/N: WDBZFP0010BBL - 01


Slow fix applied successfully


Slow fix applied successfully


Slow fix applied successfully


Slow fix applied successfully


Does not appear to support VSC


Modules were successfully read


My Passport / WD1200U017-004


This drive is likely a SATA drive with a removable adapter.

It does support VSC but has a weird buffer issue that required a modified script.


My Passport / WD2500XMS-00


Supports VSC but is actually just a SATA drive with a removable adapter


Does not support VSC