HDDSCViewer Changelog

version 1.0 20220212

* Added the option to load a domain

* Log and domain file names are displayed

* Block information is shown in display

version 0.9.beta 20190901

* Added the option Show high time

version 0.8.beta 20190901

* Fixed a memory leak

* Added information to the user manual

version 0.7.alpha 20181204

* Reduceded the number of available languages for translation

* Improved the processing speed when scrolling

* Added additional main grid sizes

* Fixed a bug where some blocks were not correct status

version 0.6.1-alpha 20180714

* The installer now puts a link in the application menu

version 0.6-alpha 20170903

* Removed some code that was causing a library error

version 0.5-alpha 20170629

* Added language packs

version 0.4-alpha 20161015

* Fixed a console error message with GTK

version 0.3-alpha 20160905

* Changed the name from HDDViewer to HDDSCViewer

* Added multiple language support

* Added the option Highlight good data

version 0.2-alpha 20160731

* Added support for newer ddrescue map files

version 0.1-alpha 20160707

* Initial release