HDDSuperTool is now part of HDDSuperClone. Please reference the manual for HDDSuperClone for how to run HDDSuperTool from HDDSuperClone. Any further development of HDDSuperTool will be done in HDDSuperClone.

HDDSuperTool is an advanced Linux based hard drive utility tool. It is script based, meaning it runs scripts for its functions. The scripts provided are menu based, so it does not require much in the way of command line access. All of the scripts provided have their own help built in. This is in addition to the documentation provided for HDDSuperTool.

While the proper name is HDDSuperTool, you will notice that in the documentation it is most often all lower case. This is because the executable is in lower case, and since Linux is case sensitive I wanted to reverence it that way as much as possible.

You may notice in places where it is mentioned that direct IO DMA is not available in the free version. You may then wonder where the paid version is. At this time, there isn't one. It isn't ready yet, and it will be some time before it is.

Please see the documentation (Manual) page for more information about how to use hddsupertool. The manual does not contain information about the scripts included. The scripts all have their own help built in.