HDDSuperClone Changelog

version 20220724

* The full pro version is unlocked for free without a license

version 2.3.3 20220430

* Fixed an issue with the virtual driver only mode

version 2.3.2 20220123

* Fixed a bug with Direct USB mode with the Virtual Driver

* Change made to attempt to work with sleeping ports

version 2.3.1 20220115

* Internal programming changes mostly for debugging

* Fixed a bug when using the virtual driver with some languages

Added the option Do not perform identify when listing source devices

version 2.3.0 20210912

* Virtual Driver now works with Linux Kernel 5.6+

version 2.2.24 20210801

* Added the option Fix Driver Memory Error

* Added the option Retry connecting on failure after relay power cycle

* Added the option Max read rate (kB/s)

* The free version now allows a sector size of 4096

version 2.2.23 20210320

* Fixed a bug with the min skip size when updating clone settings

* Updated the main window relay button labels to power on/off

* Log resets now create a time stamped backup

version 2.2.22 20210207

* Added direct relay support for YEPKIT YKUSH series USB switchable hubs

version 2.2.21 20210117

* Fixed a bug with SCSI and unsupported read 16 command

* Added relay activation buttons to the main window

version 2.2.20 20201206

* Fixed a bug with the log when out of disk space

* Fixed a bug with USB direct mode when working with card readers

version 2.2.19 20201115

* Added the advanced option Enable Rebuild Assist

* Added the phase Rebuild Assist

* The identify results now show if rebuild assist is supported

* Added documentation info not to run in a virtual machine

* Fixed an issue with the GUI in desktop UI dark mode

* Fixed an issue with some settings not being accessible in some desktop UI

* Fixed a bug with the skip run count with skip fast enabled

version 2.2.18 20201004

* Fixed a bug where the license would not install on some systems

* Fixed a bug in the log output that caused an error with HDDSCViewer

* SMART is now allowed in free version

* Added the Extended Analyze button to the main window

* Removed the Extended Analyze option from Advanced settings

* The regular analyze is now allowed in the free version

version 2.2.17 20200623

* Added warnings in the SMART results

* Added the slow count to the display during analyze

version 2.2.16 20200620

* Made the analyze results window scrolled

* Added diagnostic information to the analyze results

* Added Current read time to the display

* The Recent read time is now recent instead of current

version 2.2.15 20200502

* Added the advanced option Virtual Disk IO SCSI only

* Added Power On and off descriptions to the relay buttons

version 2.2.14 20200425

* Fixed a bug with the virtual disk locking up on some hardware

version 2.2.13 20200229

* Internal timeout change in the virtual driver

* Added an advanced option to change the current position

* Improved the virtual disk driver stability

* Added SCSI I/O capability to the virtual driver

version 2.2.12 20200216

* Fixed an error message when when opening an existing project

* Improved the virtual driver zero fill and marking

* Virtual Driver now works with Linux Kernel 5.3+

* Fixed a program crash when switching modes

* The Erase Destination mode can now be stoped and resumed

* Added information to the manual about the Erase Destination mode

* Added info to the manual about kernel versions with virtual disk driver

version 2.2.11 20200206

* Added the timer option Always wait for reset timers

* Improved Direct AHCI mode to wait for drive ready DRDY

version 2.2.10 20200202

* Fixed a bug with the log repair taking too long with a big file

* Improved Direct AHCI mode soft/hard reset post processing

version 2.2.9 20200126

* Fixed an out of range bug when using a domain

* Added the new option Add to Domain from DMDE bytes file

version 2.2.8 20200121

* Improvement for USB Direct mode flash drive compatibility

* Fixed a timeout bug with virtual disk and direct mode

* Direct AHCI mode now sets the DMA mode

* Updated the documentation to reflect use of DMDE for data extraction

version 2.2.7 20200101

* Fixed a bug with manual soft and hard reset timers

* Removed some ATA commands from normal USB Direct mode

* Added USB Direct ATA mode for conventional drives

* Additional compatibility improvements for USB Direct mode

* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

version 2.2.6 20191223

* Added a warning if the destination is smaller than source

* Improved the variance time test of the Analyze feature

* Added the advanced option Enable read twice on timeout

* Fixed a bug with the virtual driver on some systems

* Fixed analyze and smart data in the log so hddscviewer can read the log

* Fixed a timer issue with USB Direct mode

version 2.2.5 20191124

* Fixed a bug with resetting the log and the last sector(s)

* Fixed a bug with reverse cloning and the last sector(s)

version 2.2.4 20191117

* Fixed a bug when using generic source device mode

version 2.2.3 20191110

* Virtual Driver now works with Linux Kernel 5.0+

version 2.2.2 20191027

* Skip resets will not stop if max skip size set low

* Fixed a bug with SMART where it would crash

* Internal program activation improvement

* Improved Direct AHCI and IDE motherboard support

version 2.2.1 20190908

* Added extra info to direct USB source listing

* Increased the max cluster size for direct IDE and AHCI

version 2.2.0 20190824

* Fixed a bug with SCSI write

* Fixed a bug with Direct USB inquiry

* Other fixes for SCSI passthrough for inquiry and read capacity

version 2.1.14 20190818

* Improved USB ATA locked up drive detection

* Fixed a bug with the driver minimum cluster size

* Made the minimum driver cluster size also affect domain reads

* Enabling SCSI write now uses /dev/sgX devices

* Added the new Direct USB mode

version 2.1.13 20190804

* Fixed a bug with the timing byte

* Fixed a bug with some USB drives bad reads reporting as good

* Fixed a bug where SCSI passthrough would not work on old drives

* Fixed the generic source device mode

* Fixed a bug with the model name in generic source device mode

* Changed some of the default timeouts to a higher value

version 2.1.12 20190427

* Fixed a bug with AHCI where drives listed with no data

* Fixed a bug where SMART data would fail after stopping

version 2.1.11 20190423

* Fixed a bug with drives visable to the OS in direct mode

* Added a program script that can install program dependencies

version 2.1.10 20190419

* Improved SCSI write error detection

* Changed the direct SCSI write timeout to 2 seconds

* Fixed a bug with direct AHCI for some motherboards

* Updated some info in the WD VSC scripts

* Added the script wd_royl_write_mod

version 2.1.9 20190328

* Added a section in the user manual for relay operation

* Improved the SCSI read mode support detection

* Added a 1 second timeout for direct SCSI writes

* Added extra info about direct SCSI writes in the manual

* Added a translated Russian language pack

version 2.1.8 20190203

* Improved how trimming handles major errors

* Added 0.5 sec to the first read soft reset time

* Fixed a bug where phase logs were disabled if no log backup

* Fixed a bug where the phase logs setting was not saved

* Added an additional message when cloning stops for any reason

* Fixed a bug where SCSI mode would still use ATA identify data

* Added the Tools menu option Display Identify Results

* Enable using ATA return is now on by default in pro version

version 2.1.7 20190116

* Fixed a missing error message when chosing the source

* Improved how the progress log is written to help avoid corruption

* The domain file is no longer written if it is not being used

* Fixed a bug with direct AHCI mode

version 2.1.6 20190102

* Now shows message for unsupported sector size in the free version

* Fixed a bug where SCSI passthrough could report drive sized changed

version 2.1.5 20181222

* Fixed a bug where using a relay caused fill mode to fail

* Added an initial reset in direct mode when choosing the source

* Disabled the main window while processing the source

* The driver will now start automatically on 32 bit memory error

version 2.1.4 20181204

* Added read time info to the progress log

version 2.1.3 20181117

* Fixed a bug where the base skip size was not saved

* Updated the user manual section for hiding a drive

version 2.1.2 20181029

* Updated the virtual driver section in the manual

* Made changes to some internal debugging code

* Removed the command line option to set the virtual disk name

* Fixed an internal GTK label error

* Fixed a bug with generic mode where all reads would fail

version 2.1.1 20181021

* Fixed an issue with choosing a relay

version 2.1.0 20181020

* Added the ability to control a relay in the Pro version

version 2.0.3 20181013

* Removed some alpha USB code that could cause a library error

* Made changes to the help option to show the manual

* Fixed a couple typos in the program

* Fixed a bug with autopassthrough on some usb drives

version 2.0.2 20180909

* Improved the virtual driver stability

* Added the Slow Driver checkbutton

* Removed the button colors from the bottom status bar by default

* Added an advanced option to enable button colors in the status bar

version 2.0.1 20180908

* Fixed a bug with installing the pro version activation file

* Fixed a bug with the virtual mode buttons in the free version

* Added info in the manual about the domain with virtual mode buttons

version 2.0 20180826

* Changed the message when choosing an existing image file

* Added option to use physical sector size as logigal for virtual disk

* Updated the EULA

* Reduced the number of translated languages

version 1.99.3.beta 20180714

* Added a SMART data function (pro version)

* Improved the auto passthrough identify results

* New section in the manual for 520 byte per sectors drives

* Installer now puts links in the application menu

* HDDSuperTool now lists modes if target not chosen

version 1.99.2.beta 20180705

* Fixed the exit message when not run as root

* Fixed a bug with the slow skips count

* Fixed a bug with the last run size value

* Improved the skipping algorithm to help extend the range

* It will now stop when a skip reset happens

* New section in the manual to explain skip resets

* Most GUI messages now included in language translate

* The instruction manual is now available from the help menu

* Added an analyze function (pro version)

version 1.99.1.beta 20180618

* Changed how skip resets are triggered

* Added Slow skips to the display

* Security lock is now detected

* HDDSuperTool is now part of HDDSuperClone

* Other improvements for the future pro version

* BETA release of the PRO capable version

version 1.12 20171119

* Fixed a bug with changing the clustersize

* Fixed a bug in the advanced settings

* Added size in GB to display output (GUI)

* Added timer settings (direct mode)

* Added generic modes

* Many tweaks for direct mode

* Many other program tweaks for improved operation

version 1.11.gui.beta 20170902

* Removed some code that was causing a library error

version 1.10.gui.beta 20170806

* Added a device check before commiting to device error

* Added advanced options to the GUI version

* Added the ability to process CHS

* Added the option to enable/disable the OS write buffer

* Removed the 10% limit on direct IDE PIO

version 1.9.gui.beta 20170629

* Added language packs

* Will start in GUI if no command line options are set

* Added the option --command-line to override auto GUI

* Removed the exit box popup

version 1.8.1 20170529

* Fixed a bug where read only devices would not open

version 1.8 20170529

* Added the option --reset-log

* Added the option --gui

version 1.7 20170304

* Fixed the display percent and time remaining when using a domain file

* Fixed the time remaining when performing retries

* Improved the display when performing retries

* Progress logfile is automatically repaired if same status found

version 1.6.1 20170208

* Fixed a bug with the progress logfile output

version 1.6 20170129

* Fixed a bug with ata return data

* Fixed a bug with error output not displaying

* Improved some error output

* Added the option --exit-slow-time

version 1.5.2 20170121

* Fixed possible exit code and message issues

version 1.5.1 20170112

* Fixed a bug with the fill options

version 1.5 20170110

* Added the option --exit-on-slow

version 1.4 20161125

* Fixed the long option --progressfile

* Extra information has been added to the progess file

* It will now reload skip info from the progress file

* Fixed a bug with reverse in phase1

* Changed the recent skip to run size

version 1.3 20161015

* More internal code changes

* If log has errors it now mentions the repair option

* Fixed bug with exiting on device fault

* Fixed bug that produced log lines of same status

* Improved skipping algorithm

* Fixed a bug where imported ddrescue log was not repaired

version 1.2 20160731

* Added support for importing new style ddrescue log

* Now asks for progress file if not provided

* Image file is now an option for target choice

* ATA mode is now allowed in free version

* Skip threshold is now allowed in free version

* Removed options not available in free version

* Internal code changes to allow for GUI

* Fixed a bug where all reads were bad in direct mode

* Fixed bad head marking

version 1.1 20160605

* Fixed a bug with the resuming position

version 1.0 20160514

* No actual program changes

* Updated from beta to stable

* Now also includes an uninstaller (

* Added DEB and RPM installers for download

version 0.9-beta 20160508

* Added the options --fill-zero and --fill-mark

version 0.8-beta 20160424

* Added the options --domain and --domaindd

* Now checks if the source is mounted

* Added the option --force

version 0.7-beta 20160417

* Drive list now shows size in MB

* Added source and destination to the output

* Fixed a bug with USB exit

version 0.6-beta 20160416

* Updated status to BETA

* Fixed a logfile bug with ata mode

version 0.5-alpha 20160411

* Fixed the short "s" option for --source

* Fixed a bug with dividing in reverse

* Changed some of the exit codes

version 0.4-alpha 20160409

* Reverse is now implemented

* Improved some exit messages

version 0.3-alpha 20160403

* Now marks a fault as bad in the progress log

* Improved ability to detect a faulted device

* Exit codes improved

* Display output improved

version 0.2-alpha 20160327

* Exit codes updated

version 0.1-alpha 20160326

* Initial alpha release