Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting

I no longer have the time to maintain this project. I am planning on ending major support for HDDSuperClone, so I am making the PRO version free. I has also been made open source, and the source code is in the downloads area. The most recent version 2.3.3 downloads now have the full pro features unlocked without the need for a license. These unlocked versions will also will not activate with a license file, you will get the following error when attempting to load a license:

Activation Failed



What you will see in the terminal window is the following, which indicates that all pro features are unlocked:


Known bugs:

* There are compatibility issues with newer versions of Linux. The program currently will not work in Ubuntu 22.04, it will give a libusb error. Also, the virtual driver of the pro version will not work on Linux kernels newer than 5.11, 5.13 may work, but 5.15 will not. I believe these issues have been resolve in the GitHub project.

* Direct USB mode does not work with card readers. It is unclear when or if this will be resolved.

* There may still be some text that is not translated when choosing a different language.

* The language translation uses Google Translate, so the translation will always have flaws and never be perfect.

Known issues (not considered program bugs):

* In version 1.8.1 there was a small change in the installer name (the "-" dash was changed to a "." dot.) When trying to install a newer version using the deb package, it will fail if a version with the older name is installed. The solution is to remove the old version first with the following command:

sudo dpkg --remove hddsuperclone-free

After that, you should be able to install the new version. There may be a similar issue with the rpm installer, but I am not familiar with that family of Linux. The uninstall command would obviously be different.

* It has been reported that in regular Ubuntu with the Unity desktop, the program menu bar may not show up. This has been reported for the LTS versions 14.04 and 16.04. I have not been able to reproduce this using a live CD, so it may be limited to OS installation. A quick Google search finds issues with the menu bar in those versions, and possibly others. Just another reason for me to hate the Unity desktop. My suggestion is to switch to the Gnome desktop, or better yet, just use one of the other flavors of ubuntu (lubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu). Unity desktop sucks!

* The RPM installers had a bug in that they will likely give an error with "conflicts with file from package filesystem". This is something created from the program (FPM) that is used to create the RPM installer file. The solution is to add the --replacefiles option to the RPM command when installing. An example is below. Make sure to change the file name as needed.

sudo rpm -ivh hddsuperclone-2.1.8-1.x86_64 --replacefiles

This issue has been resolved, and the 2.1.8 version installers have been updated. Future versions should not have this issue.

I am no longer actively maintaining this project. It has been made open source and can be found on GitHub. For any program bugs or issues, that would be the best place to go.