Multilingual Support

Both HDDSuperClone (in GUI mode) and HDDSCViewer have the capability of multilingual support, and now come with language packs. When starting either program, you will be presented with a box with two buttons. The top button is to continue to start the program, and the bottom button is to change the language. When you click on the bottom button, a window will open allowing you to choose from a list of language files. Choose your language and click OK. You should get a message that the language was successfully changed. Then click the top continue button to start the program in the new language.

In the future there will be pictures and video on how to do this.

The language packs are created using Google Translate, which may not always be accurate. But I believe it should be good enough to be able to operate the program in another language.

Update: I am now adding additional translation versions of language files that have been provided by others. They will have a dash “-” after the language name, and either a number or some other identifying method, depending on information provided by the author. If for some reason one of these additional language files does not work, it would likely be my fault for not getting it updated to match any updates I make in the original.

If you wish to submit a language translation pack, it must be in the format that HDDSuperClone can open. And hopefully you are willing to help with updates as changes and additions to the program are made.