HDDSuperTool is now part of HDDSuperClone. Please reference the manual for HDDSuperClone for how to run HDDSuperTool from HDDSuperClone. Any further development of HDDSuperTool will be done in HDDSuperClone.


The version number on the download contains two separate identifications, each with major and minor numbers. The first half is the main program executable version, and the second half is the scripts version. So a version number of 1.2-3.4 would mean major program version 1 revision 2, and scripts major version 3 revision 4. The program and scripts version numbers are separate from each other so it can be understood which one has changed.

Latest program version: 1.10
Latest scripts version: 1.8

The downloads are available below.

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This program only runs on Linux.

There are both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. You must use the correct one for your version of Linux.


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