HDDSuperTool Changelog

version 1.10-1.8 20170129
  * Fixed a bug with ata return data
  * Improved some error output

version 1.9-1.8 20170110
  * Improved error checking on conditional statements
  * Upgraded max scratchpad size to 256MB
  * Updated the wd_royl_check_rom script

version 1.8-1.7 20161125
  * Improved some IO code for direct mode
  * Improved some of the WD VSC scripts
  * Added the script wd_royl_read_rom
  * Added the script wd_royl_check_rom
  * Added the script wd_royl_write_rom

version 1.7-1.6 20160515
  * Added some entries to the smart data script
  * Added the script wd_royl_dump_mod_select
  * Internal program code changes
  * Now also includes an uninstaller (
  * Added DEB and RPM installers for download

version 1.6-1.5 20160130
  * Changed date value to use "." instead of ":"
  * Changed definition of number variable $time
  * Added a section in the manual about USB devices
  * Updated the installation section of the manual
  * Minor update to the help in some of the VSC scripts

version 1.5.1-1.4 20160128
  * Removed debugging code that could cause issues

version 1.5-1.4 20160101
  * Removed the commands DIRECTIO and PASSTHROUGH
  * Removed some more error checking that reported false errors
  * Added a second method to check if drive is seen by OS
  * Fixed a bug with 48 bit commands when device is slave
  * Changed the output of drive listing for better information
  * Direct mode is no longer allowed if drive is seen by OS
  * lsblk is no longer required for passthrough drive listing
  * Added the option --ahci (full version only)
  * Removed the options --xterm and --no-xterm
  * Removed the command PIOLENGTHUNKNOWN
  * Fixed a bug with direct mode IDE PIO reads and writes
  * Chaged the command_status values to allow for more
  * The INCLUDE command now searches same directory as script
  * Fixed a bug where the --command option did not work
  * Now installs with make
  * Added the section Script Examples to the documentation
  * Other documentation improvements
  * Added the script wd_royl_dump_mod_all

version 1.4.1-1.3 20151226
  * Removed --direct option until it could be fixed

version 1.4-1.3 20151018
  * Fixed an issue with the variable $date
  * Added Tips and Tricks to the documentation
  * Removed some error checking that reported false errors
  * Updated the VSC script wd_royl_dump_mod02
  * Updated the VSC script wd_dump_mod42
  * Added some new VSC scripts for WD (slow fix)
  * Fixed rate update issue in scan and image scripts
  * Added the script ata_sct_error_control_timer

version 1.3-1.2 20151003
  * Added the --quiet option
  * Modified the scripts so the help can be extracted
  * Added the script help to the main documentation

version 1.2-1.1 20150829
  * Changed the scan script timeout to be like the imaging script
  * Fixed the threshold value in the smart data script
  * Better aligned the data in the smart data script
  * Added the command RESETTIMEOUT
  * Bugfix: drives wrongfully reported as being visable to the OS
  * Else command now gives error if any other text is on the line

version 1.1-1.0 20150718
  * Fixed a bug in the BREAK command that affected ELSE statements

version 1.0-1.0 20150712
  * Now named hddsupertool
  * Too many changes to list in the changelog

version 0.99-beta-pre2 20150223
  * Fixed issue where generic device could not be opened

version 0.99-beta-pre1 20150222
  * Initial release of hddscripttool