Special Sale

Special New Year's Sale

Since I missed a Christmas sale, here is a New Years 25% off sale.

Before purchasing the PRO version of HDDSuperClone, please make sure you have:

1) Tried the free version to make sure you can run it.

2) Read through the list of PRO Version Features to understand what the PRO version is capable of, and understand that those are the features you would be paying for.

3) Read through the User Manual to understand how the features of the software work.

4) Read the EULA and agree to the terms and conditions.

It is up to you to make sure you understand what you are paying for before you buy the software. I do the best I can to provide the information needed to help understand. With that being said, there are NO REFUNDS.


Note for installing on a persistent USB drive and moving between computers: When the activation file is installed on a computer, it is locally locked to that computer. To switch between computers with a persistent USB drive, you will need to remove the activation, and then reload the activation file, both available from the Help menu. The license is not permanently locked to any computer.


Purchase Options:

1) Temporary 60 Day Short Term License: The temporary license has a limitation that it requires online internet access to verify the activation every time the program is started. So there is absolutely no way to use the temporary short term license without having online internet access. After being purchased, the license will be created, and the expiration day will be based on the time of creation. A small grace period will be added to allow for the time it could take to get the license.

Purchase Temporary License at Special Sale Price


2) Extended Long Term License: The long term license must have online internet access to install the activation. Once the activation is installed, online access is no longer required for that computer. Obviously using a Live CD will require online access to activate every time it is booted up. This license will not expire. It will be good for the major version of HDDSuperClone that it was created for. While I do reserve the right, I do not plan on a new major version, so this is almost certainly a lifetime license.

Purchase Long Term License at Special Sale Price